General Travel Conditions for
the Expedition Kilimanjaro

Ramon Stoppelenburg's Expeditie Kilimanjaro will be conducted in accordance to the General Dutch Association of Travel companies. Ramon Stoppelenburg is your tour operator.

You are solely responsible for providing the information that is needed to make a reservation or implement a booking. These include the provision of the correct name, address, residence, nationality, et cetera. Also, you are solely responsible for having the correct travel documents when you are travelling (passports, visa, vaccination certificates). The operator provides the necessary information about this through this website.

The tour operator will contact you personally to complete a booking.

The daily programme of this trip is based upon the best possible picture of the planned completion of the journey. Yet there are factors that may influence the implementation, such as broken roads, bad weather or material damage. If certain circumstances occurs the operator has the right to change the route, schedule, accommodation, transport or excursion. The travel operator will do his utmost best to ensure the quality of the expedition as far as possible. Any additional travel and subsistence expenses incurred as a result of force majeure (superior force) are the responsibility of the participants. Should one of the accommodations offered unexpectedly be cancelled for some reason, the tour operator will make a reservation with a similar, alternative accommodation. The operator is not responsible for expeditions or activities which are not those of his intermediaries.

The website also refers to other websites. This is purely informational to give you a broader view on the completion of the expedition. The operator is not responsible for the content of other website than Expedion Kilimanjaro.

Cancellation Policy

Immediate notification of the Expedition Kilimanjaro tour operator by telephone is required if a traveler wishes to cancel an expedition. Subsequently, the cancellation must be sent in in writing via email and / or confirmed with the operator of to Kilimanjaro Expedition.

If you cancel a trip, the following costs will be incurred:
  • Cancellation up to 60 days before departure will incur a 15% charge of the trip's total costs.
  • Cancellation between 60 and 30 days before departure will incur a 50% charge of the trip's total costs.
  • Cancellation between 30 and 20 days before departure will incur a 75% charge of the tirp's total costs.
  • Cancellation within 20 days before departure will incur a charge of the trip's total costs.

To cover the financial risk of cancellation of a trip you should always have cancellation insurance with your travel insurance.

The operator may be obliged to cancel a trip when circumstances may affect the quality, performance or safety during the trip. In the case of cancellation the tour operator is required to inform the traveler of the reason. The operator cannot be held liable for cancellation of a trip if the cancellation is the result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances that are out of the operator's control and whose consequences despite all the precautions cannot be avoided. For example, a trip may need to be cancelled because of local political tensions or natural disasters.

There is no accepted liability for the traveler's incurred costs such as insurances, booked flights, visas, vaccinations, etc. The operator does not accept any liability for damages and / or injuries caused to passengers, inflicted by any cause that may arise. Nor is the operator liable for any loss, theft or damage to property, money included. Obvious mistakes and errors in the travel itinerary do not bind the operator.

Disclaimer regarding changes to the expedition:

The tour operator reserves the right to adapt the prices of the expedition to local tax regulations. Furthermore, there is always a possibility that the routes should be changed or that there are other changes taking place in the course of the year which can affect a planned expedition. Local conditions and the adventurous nature of the Kilimanjaro Expedition may have the effect that before or during the journey small or large adjustments should be made to the travel and itinerary. The operator is committed to avoid any impact on the traveler as much as possible, and to find alternatives within the nature of the original program.

In the event of changes prior to departure, the passenger should be notified of this immediately, with a clearly stated reason for the change. Furthermore, the traveler is considered to be aware of local conditions in general, in all cases. In principle, changes have no impact on the financial costs of the trip and the passenger has no right to compensation which reflects necessary changes made by the tour operator. The passenger can reject any changes (also changes in package), but only if there is no reasonable alternative. The operator reserves the right to reject the application of the traveler, with the cancellation of his expedition.  


All prices (fares) on this website are per person and in US-dollars. Visa, vaccination, insurance, security taxes and personal expenses are not included in the fare, unless otherwise indicated. All prices are subject to change.


After the confirmation of the reservation the passenger will receive an invoice detailing the costs of the booking. The traveler is responsible for checking this invoice to ensure that his or her names and the names of other potential participants are written correctly on the statement. The total costs must be paid within the given days after receipt of the invoice. A Expedition Kilimanjaro has only been fully booked when the payment has been confirmed. Every booking is charged with a 15, - administrative fee.

Travel documents

After the full payment has been received the traveler will receive the digital vouchers for the hotel and the expedition which should be displayed at the destination. These vouchers must be presented upon arrival at the destination.


The passenger is required to insure the entire journey. Cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. If the traveler has continuous travel insurance, he should check whether this provides coverage for "mountain sports". Most cancellation insurances cover only a limited amount, often no more than 1500, - per person per trip.


The passenger is solely responsible for obtaining the necessary visa for Tanzania (and perhaps a transit visa for Kenya). How a traveler can obtain a visa is stated on the website.

In case of emergency

Always contact the emergency centre of your own insurance company. Furthermore, the traveler can also contact Expedition Kilimanjaro or the local operator on the location.


Any complaints about the implementation of the trip should be submitted in writing at the destination, where the cause of the complaint arose. 


The operator has created this website with the utmost care. Unfortunately, it can always happen that information is outdated or that price changes have been made which are not (yet) processed on the website. The operator unfortunately accepts no responsibility for the consequences of erroneous and / or modified information. If you have any doubts about the veracity of the Expedition Kilimanjaro, dates or the price, please contact the tour operator.