Climbing the Kilimanjaro: an unforgettable experience!

Climbing the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is truly an unforgettable experience. Mount Kilimanjaro majestically rises up from the rainforest of north-eastern Tanzania to its pristine, snow- and ice-covered summit at 5,895 meters (19, 340 ft).

Climbing this inactive volcano--the highest mountain in Africa and the 4th highest freestanding mountain on earth--is truly an unforgettable experience, once thought to be reserved for rugged and elite “Expert” climbers with months of preparation under their belts. But with Ramon Stoppelenburg’s Expedition Kilimanjaro, even you can conquer this “Sleeping Giant!”

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For the ultimate Expedition Kilimanjaro I have composed an 11-day adventure. This consists of 7 days camping on the mountain (6 nights) and 4 days in a very attractive local hotel in Arusha (two days before and two days after the climb).

The group of December 2009 made it to the summit on January 1, 2010 and celebrated New Year at the summit!

Over the course of 7 days and 6 nights, the Expedition Kilimanjaro will lead you along the Machame route to the highest point of the mountain, Uhuru Peak (5,896 m / 19,343 ft.) Read more about the route »

One expedition consists of a maximum of 12 people led by certified native Tanzanian guides and porters with years of mountain climbing experience. While mountain guides direct your group through the scenic ascent of the highest mountain in Africa, porters will assume the physical demand of carrying your personal items and all camping gear throughout the seven-day journey.

Small groups and solo hikers may opt for more a more intimate Expedition Kilimanjaro with their own personal guide, leaving on the date of their choosing.

The Expedition Kilimanjaro price is only 1999 US dollars per person, excluding the flight to Tanzania. What can you expect? » Use the currency converter here

This price remains the same whether you participate in one of the international Expedition Kilimanjaro groups leaving throughout the year (see Agenda below) or arrange your own small group or solo guided trek.

Flying to Kenya is cheapest option

There are many ways to arrange your personal travel to and from Arusha, Tanzania, the starting point of Expedition Kilimanjaro. Return flights can be booked from London or Amsterdam to Dar Es Salaam or directly to Kilimanjaro International Airport for around 1,000 EUR.

For the adventurous participant wishing to save money, flights from London or Amsterdam to the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi begin already at 640 EUR, and air-conditioned shuttle bus services are available for the half-day journey from Nairobi to Arusha for only US$ 70 (round trip).

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Agenda group expeditions 2022

Tanzania is currently open for travelers of all nationalities who are fully vaccinated and boosted and can provide a recent negative PCR-test certificate. See travel conditions here.

DEC 25 - JAN 4 December expedition 2
New Year's on top!

Agenda group expeditions 2023

JAN 1 - JAN 11 January expedition*
JAN 30- FEB 9 February expedition *
MAR 1 - MAR 11 March expedition *
* = reach the summit during full moon

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Remember, you are free to pick your own date too! The price stays exactly the same.

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Ramon Stoppelenburg Ramon Stoppelenburg

travel specialist, published Dutch author, photographer, event manager, marketing producer and former owner of three movie theatres in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and now residing all over the EU again. Has climbed Kilimanjaro frequently since June 2008.
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Who made it to the top?

Did you make it to the top of the Kilimanjaro? Mail your photo and get in that gallery!

Jolanda Coster, Bart-Jan Schoone, Bart Schoone and Bas Stuurwold made it to the summit!
Jolanda: "What a great week we have had. We have suffered, laughed, been emotional, ate well, saw the most beautiful things, grumbled about the small tent and the toilets and had an incredible amount of respect for our guides Joseph, John and Robert and the rest of the guidance. To top it off, we were on Uhuru Peak on at 8.10 am. A week to remember!"

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